15 Brand Touchpoints Your Business Should Be Hitting

Many startups don’t realise just how important branding is to a business. In this post, we’ll cover 15 brand touchpoints that are critical for business growth.

Good brand design creates a personality for your business that your customers can connect with. It’s one of the most important aspects of marketing your company, but a lot of people seem to neglect it–especially startup owners. So let’s cover 15 of the most important brand touchpoints that your business should be hitting in order to grow your audience and inspire trust in your brand.

1. Website

If your store is a physical representation of your business, then your website is a digital one. Add information like photos, information about your business, contact details and product information to inform your viewers.

2. Blog

An important place to discuss your business freely with your customers and also receive feedback.

3. Offline Storefront

Your store is a real-world brand touchpoint that should set the tone for your services and products.

4. Online Storefront

Your online store should be easy to navigate, have plenty of information for your customers and even offer online ordering options for convenience.

5. Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great place to advertise your products but also communicate with your audience.

6. Brand Aesthetic

The way your brand is perceived will make a huge difference in the type of audience that you attract. This can involve everything from the colours you use to the music you play in-store.

7. Traditional Advertising

TV, radio, flyers and newspaper adverts are all still relevant, especially if you focus more on your retail store.

8. Online Advertising

Online advertising is a must for all businesses. Attracting an online audience can easily translate into more customers in your physical store, and offering online services can add more convenience which results in more business.

9. Packaging Materials

The way you package your products will reflect on your brand image and the quality of your products and services.

10. Emails

Emails are a common contact point to utilise when getting in touch with past customers and seeking new leads.

11. Community Groups

It could be an online community dedicated to products like yours or even a Facebook group. These communities are an essential touchpoint when engaging with your audience.

12. Invoices

If you regularly send invoices then it’s important to have appropriate brand imagery, such as a logo, fonts and colours that match your aesthetic choices.

13. Trade Show Booths

Trade shows are an essential contact point once you start marketing your business towards a larger international audience.

14. Online Resources

If your products are mainly digital or have a digital component to them, then offering online resources is a great way to engage with your audience.

15. Guides

If your products are best used with a guide or reference materials, then offering them online or in printed form with your branding is important.


Above all, keep everything consistent! Your branding across everything you put out there needs to be the same style, colour, tone etc. That way, you'll be more easily recognised and gain the trust of your customers better.

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