Why you should hire a Professional Designer

Why You Should Hire a Professional Designer

Why you should hire a Professional Designer

When it comes to your business do you take on the task of creating its marketing communications yourself or do you hire an experienced professional who can get the best out of your marketing efforts, saving you time and helping to build your trusted brand presence?

Small businesses often attempt to cut costs when it comes to their marketing, particularly in the area of visual communication. This is mainly because they have a PC or a Mac loaded with Microsoft Office templates and hundreds of free fonts. Or they buy a logo for a few dollars online and stick it on their business cards but somehow their efforts never look the way they should in order to convey a professional image.

Often the end result gives the impression that the business itself isn’t professional or coming across as trustworthy and reliable. Due to the potentially damaging visual perception of their efforts, targeted customers or clients will move on to the competition with the professional appearance. In the end, the price of DIY design will be much more than if a professional designer had been consulted.

Designers don’t just ‘Make Pretty Things’ for the sake of it

There is a strategic path a designer takes to effectively convey your message to your target market. A first impression is a lasting impression and you rarely get a second chance. Before anything is created and presented, a designer must first get to know the product or service you’re selling, the culture of your business, internal and external perceptions, and truly understand your target market as well as your competition. This is just a small sample of the research that goes into developing design concepts. This research takes time but it is worth it in the long run.

The thoughtful use of design principles, grids and ratios, psychology and colour theory, and the skillful use of typography to pull elements together will help to reinforce a message and build brand loyalty. This wealth of professional experience goes into building effective visual communications to ensure you stand out from the competition and attract potential customers and clients to your business.

Designers help you stand out from the Clutter

With the heavily media-saturated world we live in, it’s becoming more of a challenge to remember even one of the thousands of brands that are throwing their logo at you from every direction. A majority of these logos are unremarkable and equate to nothing more than visual clutter. Design professionals offer an objective vision to develop strong concepts that will stand out, revealing the best design solution for marketing your products or services.

Designers can help to realise your vision

Use a designer’s vision to realise yours. Professional designers can take your vision and produce strong visual concepts to reinforce your message and communicate it clearly to your intended audience. Hiring a professional designer can take the burden off your marketing efforts and help to communicate a positive perception with strength and clarity to the right audience.

A professional designer can also be a trusted adviser and partner, building long-term and lasting relationships that can benefit the business owner for many years to come!