Growth Partner

What is a Growth Partner?

Growth marketing is a holistic and data-driven approach to marketing. It focuses on the entire funnel and applies the scientific method—formulating hypotheses, testing these hypotheses, then refining or eliminating them.

A Growth Partner is mostly someone who is there to work alongside you to grow your business. They take a long-term approach to your business, actively supporting both your planning and efforts.

The business application of growth partnering ensures each aspect of the marketing strategy is:




As a growth partner – there is one main focus: Helping businesses we work with make more money.

The growth partner-led approach fosters innovation, accelerates customer acquisition, and enhances customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to substantial revenue gains for our clients.

I am certified in Growth-Driven Design and for almost 20 years I have helped clients in the hospitality industry grow their businesses exponentially.

My team and I are fully invested in your success and will complete all tasks to get you where you want to be, using a combination of creative services, digital marketing and cold email outreach.

Karen Blake – Creative Director, Branding Coach + Growth Partner
Karen Blake – Creative Director, Branding Coach + Growth Partner

Who is this for?

This is for established hospitality businesses who want to significantly increase their revenue.

​If you are a founder and need to get your product into the hands of those who need it.

If you’re a specialist or the best at what you do but haven’t reached your full potential.

If you’re good at sales but you're too involved in the process or you need to get in front of more of the right people

If you’ve got the industry's best-kept secret but you’re still losing business.

​​If you’re looking to expand into new territories but you don’t know the best way.

A Growth Partner is for you if...

If you’re worried about cash flow and keeping your pipeline full.

​​If you’ve tried cold outreach before but never got it to work.

If you’re giving all you can but not getting the ROI you are putting in.

If you’re tired of your team moving slower than your vision and want them to focus on activities to drive the business forward.

If you’re tired of burning money on agencies who overcharge, over-promise and under-deliver.

You want to form long-lasting relationships with people you can trust to work WITH you, rather than FOR you.

You can Expect...

Increased revenue and profits in 2-3 months.

​​New sales and marketing assets that enable you to scale.

​A proven growth strategy that accumulates cash flow without guesswork.

​​Increased enterprise value in preparation for any financial event coming up.

​A system that finds and converts your dream clients into high-paying customers.

​​The ability to never compete as a commodity against competitors with an inferior service to yours ever again.

Several qualified new business opportunities in 3 months.

Case Study – Coombe Hall, Brandon

Becki Coombe, the owner of Coombe Hall, a conference and events centre in Warwickshire, was struggling to figure out how to obtain more bookings and grow her business. She already had a successful training business, providing first aid and mental health first aid courses but wanted to grow the B2C side of the property.

We created a plan to help Coombe Hall grow its bookings and within minutes of implementing that plan, enquiries started to pour in. Coombe Hall is now known as an intimate wedding venue, conference centre and party venue.

We are passionate about helping businesses, particularly in hospitality, grow to their full potential and loved working with Becki and Coombe Hall.

In September 2022, The Learn2 Group opened its very own commercial premises.

As the premises have evolved, so have its uses! We decided to name the large room space and rustic outdoor area ‘Coombe Hall’.

It only took two sets of ideas from Karen for me to know that she had produced what I was looking for. Further to accepting the principle of the designs, Karen supplied the logo in a range of formats for me to work with on my own paperwork.

The ongoing use of the highly professional services of Karen means of course that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for all creative marketing needs.

Becki Coombe, Coombe Hall

Traditional Marketing Agency vs. Strategic Growth Partner

In the dynamic landscape of business, the choice between a traditional marketing agency and a growth partner can significantly impact a company's trajectory.

Understanding the fundamental differences between the two is crucial for businesses aiming not just to survive but to thrive in today's competitive market.

Defining Traditional Marketing Agencies

Traditional marketing agencies excel in executing specific marketing tactics. From crafting compelling ad campaigns to managing social media, the focus lies in the day-to-day activities that drive brand visibility.

The hallmark of traditional agencies is a campaign-centric mindset, providing a defined service for a set duration.

Metrics typically revolve around the immediate results of specific campaigns. Traditional agencies measure success based on metrics such as click-through rates, impressions, and conversions within the scope of their projects.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The Rise of Growth Partners

Growth partners go beyond the campaign mindset. We engage in strategic collaboration with businesses, aligning marketing efforts with long-term business goals.

Unlike traditional agencies, growth partners take a more holistic approach. We delve into the overall business strategy, understanding the company's mission, values, and target audience to drive sustainable growth.

Growth partners emphasise ongoing optimisation and adaptability. Instead of focusing solely on short-term wins, we work on building a foundation for sustained success through regular improvements.

Growth partners tie their success to the overall growth and success of the business. This includes factors such as increased market share, customer lifetime value, and revenue growth.

Choosing the Right Fit

Consider your business's current stage and goals. If you need specialised, short-term campaigns, traditional marketing might be the right choice, which we can still help with. However, for long-term growth and strategic alignment, a growth partner is likely more suitable. We can help with whatever suits your business the best.

It is a good idea to evaluate your budget constraints. Traditional agencies may have clearer pricing structures for specific services, which we do, while growth partners work on a more collaborative model that requires a monthly or yearly retainer, with measurable results.

Understanding the fundamental differences between a traditional marketing agency and a growth partner empowers businesses to make informed decisions that align with their goals, ensuring not just marketing success but sustainable, long-term growth.