Why your Business Needs Professional Photography

Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

What is the number one investment (along with a professional brand design) that you should make for your business branding?

Professional Photography

I frequently have potential clients ready to jump into creating a new website, new branding, new marketing materials, but their images are lacking or non-existent. If you don’t have great photos, it doesn’t matter how good all your branding looks, it will fall flat and people will move on to your competitors. In these cases, once we have completed the brand design, we advise clients to wait on the website investment and instead use that budget to get great photos.

If your images aren’t telling your audience WHO you are and WHAT you do in the way you to be perceived, your pricing will be the main casualty and ultimately your business. Often I have been presented with tiny JPEGs no bigger than a thumbnail, which no amount of PhotoShopping will make look good. These just won’t cut it with your audience, you need to stand out and be proud!

If your prices are on the higher end, yet your photography looks like you took a few quick photos with your phone on low res, your customers will have a hard time connecting their visual perception to the reality of your value. It’s like going to a McDonalds for lunch only to find they are charging Michelin prices. Beautiful photography helps you put it all out there and goes a long way in attracting the right type of client to your business.

If you’re looking for a new brand or even a rebrand, focus on getting the right type of imagery for your brand before you focus on your website.

A few tips:

  • Get a mix of layout orientations with plenty of horizontals for your website.
  • Get plenty of detail shots to help tell your story. These could be shots of your desk, your favourite flowers, the tools that you use, even your dog or cat!
  • Detail shots help fill in the blanks and great, professionally produced headshots will make sure people connect with you personally.
  • It’s worth researching the right kind of photographer for you, just like it’s worth making sure you hire the right brand and web designer for you. Not every photographer will have the right style for your business, just like your clientele won’t be everyone and anyone.
  • Write out a list of shots you absolutely have to get. This not only helps your photographer understand what you want, it also helps you think through the entire shoot.
  • Use some photos from your shoot on your Instagram feed to help create some consistency and connection and use them on your other social media platforms to keep up the consistency.

Your branding and your website are setting the stage for your pricing, but imagery is key. Your work is fabulous so make sure to show it in the best light! These days anyone can download a stock image (we’ve done it many times ourselves and on behalf of clients because it’s so easy!) but when it comes to truly representing your brand, having photography that is unique to you is very important.

These are some of the guys I like to work with:

Annie Johnston is a wonderful brand photographer with many year’s editorial experience. www.anniejohnstonphoto.com

Darren Shipman is a brilliant brand photographer with a studio in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire www.dpix.co.uk

John Cleary is a master of personal brand photography, and even runs workshops on how to pose correctly for the camera! www.johnclearyphotography.co.uk

Have a great day!