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My premade logos and premade branding kits are ideal for startups and small businesses. When you first launch your business you may not have a handle on your brand going forward. You may still be figuring out your niche, your best services, and how to project your image. Plus you may not have set aside as much of a budget as you would like to.

Luckily I can help! Premade logos and branding kits, available currently through my Etsy store, are a low-cost solution that is quick and convenient and can get you launched in the short term.

A word of warning

Premade logos are not the perfect solution if you have a long-term goal for your brand, as they can be sold over and over again, which takes away any exclusivity, but they are a great way to get started. Plus you can purchase different ones over time while you are trying things out and perfecting your business and its offerings.

Some of my premade logos and premade branding kits will become 'retired' if they have been sold too many times, to ensure a certain amount of exclusivity. I do, however, produce new designs on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

Try before you buy

You can 'try before you buy' to see if your chosen design will work for you, which ensures you get a chance to see how your logo will look before you commit. I will send you a proof to check first. Then if you are happy with how your business name looks, I can then send you all the files you will ever need. You can also request a colour change at no extra cost.

As your business grows, I can help you with custom branding that is unique to you, something that no one else has, and which will ensure you become a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons! 🦩

You can buy online via Etsy, or contact me with details of your preferred design and we can take it from there.

The Toasted Bean Premade Logo
Kinfolk Creative Premade Logo
Mabel Thorpe Premade Logo
The Happy House Premade Logo
Lilies & Lavender Premade Logo
Rosalie Premade Logo
Dixie Green Premade Logo
Radiant Wellness Premade Logo
Moon Child Premade Logo
Poppy & Delilah Premade Logo
Bright Moon Premade Logo
Rosie Coombe Premade Logo
Bertie's Bakery Premade Logo
Violet Velvet Premade Logo
Bonnie Wild Premade Logo
Betty's Bakery Premade Logo
Olive's Coffee Shop Premade Logo
Wilderness Warriors Premade Logo