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Ready to move forward with your fresh new brand?

Once we have nailed your brand design, I can make sure all of your collateral items are cohesive and I offer a wide range of add-on items to continue helping to make your business look its best and attract the kind of clients you deserve.

During my 20+ year career, I have designed everything from crisp packets to coffins,  brochures to banners, t-shirts to tote bags. So you know you're going to be in safe hands.

Of course, if you're already happy with your branding and need a designer to help you take that forward and keep your communications consistent, I'm your gal!


How to Hire Me

Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Contact me with a little bit of information about your project. You can do that right here.

Step 2. Watch your email for a questionnaire from me, which will help you figure out exactly what you need and help me know how I can best help you.

Step 3. Hit “reply” to that email with your completed questionnaire.

Step 4. We’ll consult! We’ll use this opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit. We can either chat on the phone or on Zoom.

Step 5. Then we’ll get started! I’ll send you a welcome pack, which outlines exactly how I will proceed with your project.

If you decide we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Have questions? Email me!

Brand styling and design that connects with your ideal client.

Web design that perfectly complements your amazing brand.

Graphic design to keep you on track in communicating your business.

Brand strategy sessions that really nail your brand before we create it.